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MBRA - Mt Buller Ratepayers Association
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Stakeholder Notice REMINDER: Power Supply Outage 3 May 2019

REMINDER: Power Supply Outage Friday 3 May 2019

AusNet Services personnel will be at Mt Buller during the week of 29/4 – 3/5/2019 at which time they will be installing the new Kooroora Hotel Indoor Substation and commissioning that substation on Friday 3rd May 2019.

To carry out these works, they have programmed a power supply outage for a period of 8 hrs whilst the new high voltage underground cable to Koorooora Indoor Substation is tested and connected.

The power outage will go from 8:00am - 4:30pm Friday 3 May 2019.

Click the map here for the outage area which shows which buildings and operators will be affected by the outage.

The remainder of the Mt Buller Resort Area will be unaffected and will have normal power supplies available.

Please contact Resort Management on (03) 5777 6077 for any further queries.

Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management

Alpine Central

Mt Buller VIC 3723

03 5777 6077


2019 Lodge Manager Avialable

Ski Club Lodge Manager Position 2019.

Reliable manager available for this coming season.

Please contact directly Julie Hudswell from Mansfield for more details.


p: 0407 010 809.


Notice of MBRA AGM Tuesday 21st May 2019


MBRA Annual General Meeting 2019

Tuesday 21st May - 7:00 PM Meeting Start

Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club
310 Williams Rd Nth, Toorak, VIC 3142 (see Map below for Directions)


7.00pm  Welcome to guests and all attendees (Joel Dixon, MBRA Chairman)
7.10pm  Resort Management CEO (Mark Bennetts) - An Update
7.40pm  Travel Safe Coach Hire CEO (Mark Bond) - New Village Transport
8.15pm  Solar Panel Project (Darren Moore, MBRA) - Progress Report 
8.45pm  Tea, Coffee Break
9.00pm  MBRA meeting including Chairman's report, Financial report, 
Committee reports, Election of Committee
9.45pm  Meeting concludes

Could you please RSVP by clicking here via Try Booking:


Chris Wilson
Mt Buller Ratepayers Association


Solar Panel Installation for Mt Buller


MBRA Members,

The MBRA is undertaking a feasibility study on a group purchase and installation of solar panels for siteholders and stakeholders on Mt Buller. Already, 40% of the MBRA membership have registered interest in this initiative and we would like to circulate this offer again to all of our members.

A similar project was undertaken some 6 years ago at Mt Hotham where 18 lodges joined together to purchase and install solar panels on their buildings. In 2018 those lodges have not only recovered their installation costs but are making money from electricity generation feeding back into the grid all year round. 

Solar panel location in Alpine Resorts in 2019 have the following attractions:- 

  1. Panels are 10-20% more efficient at altitude
  2. Panels are a further 5% more efficient at cooler temperatures
  3. Many buildings on Mt Buller have 3 phase supply which allows for greater power generation and income from power returned to the grid than most homes.
  4. Many of our roofs have good, uninterrupted orientation.
  5. Panel and inverter costs have reduced dramatically in price and we estimate that purchase and install costs are approximately a third of the Hotham project.
  6. Tariffs and Government incentives are attractive at the moment.
  7. Systems can have battery storage added with installation or at a later date. Battery size and power demands will determine backup capacity.
  8. Mt Buller village is growing and power supply remains an issue.
  9. Add green power to your apartment or club assets.
  10. An example on Mt Buller at the moment is a 4 year old 4KW PV system generating on average 4.6 Megawatts per year
  11. Depending on the system size it is estimated that your sites power bill can be reduced to zero over the year using credits in summer offset costs in winter.

The MBRA has undertaken a kerbside assessment of all Mt Buller sites to provide a report back to our Solar panel sub Committee.

Next Step:-

If you and/or your Club/Apartment/Commercial building would like to better understand the concept or enquire as to the suitability of your site for Solar Power installation please email an expression of interest to Darren Moore (MBRA Committee member) at by Monday April 4th, 2019.

Joel Dixon
Mount Buller Ratepayers Association


Hard Waste Changed Arrangements

Hard Waste Changed Arrangements

When having lodge “cleanouts” please DO NOT put any hard waste items in Village rubbish huts or on the roadside as our waste contractor will not collect any hard waste items. 

This is considered illegal dumping and heavy penalties do apply if any hard rubbish is left in or near the rubbish huts. It is also very costly for Resort Management staff to continually collect, manage and dispose of these unwanted items. You are responsible for your own hard waste and you must take items to an appropriate disposal facility (see below). 


  • Clean, sorted and recyclable timber and steel can be dropped at Boggy Corner Waste Transfer Station. 
  • Open hours: 10.00am - 11.00am every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (non-snow season only).
  • Contact Waste Contractor on 0427 411 418 well in advance to arrange access to the Transfer Station

At your own cost, other hard waste items (such as those listed) can be taken to Mansfield Resource Recovery Centre at 163 Monkey Gully Road, Mansfield: 

  • Mattresses 
  • Furniture (including couches/ chairs/ sofas, white goods, electrical equipment, appliances) 
  • Ski equipment 
  • Tyres 
  • Batteries 
  • Paint 
  • Construction waste

Please click here for more information about hard waste and other environmental campaigns.

If you have any questions or require further information about hard waste services within the Resorts, please feel free to contact Environmental Services staff at Resort Management on (03) 5777 6077 or email

Examples of what not to leave in Rubbish bins can be found here


2019 Subaru Victorian Interschools Summary Event Schedule

The 2019 Subaru Victorian Interschools Summary Event Schedule is now published. Please click on the following lnk to download.

For all important Documents for the Victorian Interschools please refer to


Buller Interschools Association

Buller Interschools Association (BIA)

The Buller Interschools Association (BIA) is made up of the Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management Board, Buller Ski Lifts, Mt Buller Ratepayers Association (MBRA) and the Mt Buller Chamber of Commerce. This group collectively contribute financially to making this great event one of the best and most accessible events of its type in the world.

The BIA in Agreement with the events custodian Ski and Snowboard Australia (SSA) has secured the Hosting rights to the Victorian Interschools to be held exclusively at Mt Buller until 2023.  


Mark Bennetts          CEO Mt Buller Resort Management

Laurie Blampied        General Manager Buller Ski Lifts

John Perks                Mt Buller Chamber of Commerce

Joel Dixon                 Mt Buller Ratepayers Association

David Speirs             Event Manager


For more information please visit Victorian Interschools Website :


For more information please visit Australian Interschools Website :


Duty of Care - Ski Club Lodges

Duty of Care - Ski Club Lodges - During Bushfire Period

When last summer's bushfires were threatening our alpine resorts, the question was asked, "What is the Duty of Care obligation to occupiers (members and guests) of ski club lodges."  The Alpine Resorts Working Group (of which the MBRA is a member) sought and obtained legal advice on this issue.  This advice is available to all our members to read and we suggest that members should consider and adopt the recommendations.

The document entitled "Memorandum of Advice - The Duty of Care of Occupiers of Ski Lodges & Bushfires" can be viewed HERE.


Lease Renewal

Welcome to the Lease Renewal Area.

For members facing Lease Renewal, you will find the following helpful:

    • Alpine Resorts Leasing Policy 2002, Part 1
    • Alpine Resorts Leasing Policy 2002, Part 2
      • Minister Approved Standard Alpine Lease, here
      • Presentation by the ARMB on the Lease Renewal Process, here
      • Compliance Documentation Proceedures, here
      • Food Safety Documentation, here
      • Liquor Licensing Documentation, here
      • Property Reports Example Documentation, here